Another Alert already? Yes, we have information about the sequencing of the construction that we have just shared with five rental agencies handling Elua condos and we want all of the owners to read the message. This is our intended schedule, and if it changes at all, we will send out another Alert.Here is the letter:


Aloha Ladies and Gentlemen,

 I'm Kevin Murphy, Chairman of Elua's Renovation Project (aka ERP).  I am making contact with you all to keep you directly informed about our renovation project schedule and sequence.  It is imperative that you know what we are doing and when so you can accept or avoid rentals at appropriate times.  While we will be advising the owners, we believe you need the current updates, so you will know what's going on in Elua.  We will communicate with you directly to avoid any misunderstandings throughout the process.  

We view you as our partners.  We need each other.  No question is unimportant.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for clarifications at any time throughout the process.

Important: The Elua Campus will not be completely closed during the construction season.

Wailea Elua Village 2015 Construction Project Schedule and Sequence


Work will begin in Mid April starting with the buildings closest to the pavilion and progressing along the ocean towards the Marriott.  This will include all buildings up to the road running North and South through the property.  Some light work will be done this year, starting in August while the property's occupancy is historically low.  This early start won't affect occupancy in most cases, and will do a lot to help meet the project deadline of mid December 2015. 

The work actually moves continuously from one structure to the next.  That is, we will not start and finish one building before starting another one.  For example:  We will do demolition and reconstruction continuously:  The demolition team starts at 901/902, then moves to 903/904, etc. As soon as demolition debris is cleared from 901/902 the repair and renovation team starts there, and as they finish various elements there, they begin on 903/904 and so on.  Clearly this means several buildings will be open at all times.  The reasoning:  There are several parts and skills involved in each step of renovation including: carpentry to replace posts and fascia, soffit repairs and replacement including the addition of recessed lights, new railing installation,  and addition of decorative fascia and a molding band around the building.  Meanwhile,  elsewhere on the building other tradesmen will convert some wood walls to stucco, then painters take over.  The sequencing of such work makes it possible and necessary to work on several buildings concurrently.


For the main construction season, April 15 to December 15, 2015. This is what we understand the sequence to be:

Buildings 9-11 then 12-13, then 14-17 and 18-19.  

Also starting in April, 2015, will be a special team of workers with special equipment to start working on Building 7, and progress to buildings 8, 15 & 21.  

As the workers reach the 18 and 19 buildings, the process moves up to buildings 20-25 then 1-5.  Work on Building 21 depends on the pace of the work on building 15.  If building 15 is near completion when the work at 18 and 19 is underway, work on 21 will begin.  All rental agencies will be kept informed of this progress and schedule.

Generally speaking, only about ¼ of the property will be involved at any time.  Buildings 13-19 will be unaffected for the first 2 months of the project as progress begins by the pavilion. Buildings 1-5 and 20-25 probably won't begin until the 5th month (September).

A more definitive time table will be set after further details are confirmed with the contractor, possibly by the end of August 2014.

Additional comments:

  • At no time will beach access be completely blocked, and at least one pool will be accessible at all times.
  • As you may know by now, Elua's "Buildings" are actually clusters of buildings.  Building 7 is actually four duplexes.  Work on one "building" may not involve all buildings in the cluster at the same time.
  • Buildings 7,8,15, and 21 are similar to each other, unique from all of the other buildings.  They have different structural issues, require heavier equipment.  
  • Some owners plan to do some renovation during the construction season.  We don't know who, when and how long yet.  That may impact your potential rentals.  We will have to coordinate those requests with our project work.  We will keep you updated on this issue, too.”

 There are many hurdles for us to overcome -- we must obtain all of our permits and the County could throw us a curve that delays us.  We have hired a Permit Expediter who is coordinating with the County to try to avoid any surprises.  Some materials must be custom produced and shipped from the mainland, some equipment must be rented when we need it. We have to be able to find and retain enough skilled labor to  keep the project going on pace with this plan.  Remember, this is a renovation; we have tried to plan for delays, but we can’t know what awaits us until we begin work on each building.

Remember to send your questions and comments to  This will ensure that you reach all of the Board Members.