Results are in:

The votes are in and the Elua Board of Directors is very pleased by the support for the enhancement part of this project.  A total of 122 units registered a vote out of the 152 units in Elua and 85% of the votes were in favor of doing the upgrade and enhancement portion of the work.  In terms of the percentage of owners needed to approve an assessment, this represents 68% of all property ownership, which exceeds the by-law requirement of 50% approval.


Communication continues:

The Board has attempted to provide information to owners about the extent of the exterior repairs and will continue to communicate with owners using this forum of periodic email alerts.  We want to keep you apprised of the preparatory work that precedes the actual physical work that will start next spring.  The architects are working with our structural and electrical engineering consultants in the preparation of the construction documents that must be submitted to Maui County for building permits.  Elua is in an area of proximity to the ocean for which the county requires a permit called the Special Management Area Use permit (SMA).  This application requires that the Maui Planning Department be informed of the scope of our project in detail and is one of many steps in the process that must precede the start of the work.


The assessment begins:

Now that owners have approved the full scope of our work we will begin the process of collecting the assessment.  The assessment can be paid in the installments that were set forth in the ballot package you previously received.  The due dates this year will be June 15 and October 1.  In 2015 there will be four additional installments due on January 15, April 1, July 1 and October 1.  If you prefer, you may pay 100% of the assessment on June 15, 2014.  The AOAO office will be sending you invoices for each of these installments approximately 30 days ahead of the due date.  Please be aware that interest and a late fee will be charged for any overdue payments.  Your cooperation in remitting your payment in a timely manner will be greatly appreciated.


Timing of the work:

We are in the process of interviewing contractors and expect to select one by midsummer.  We will then be able to determine the exact construction timetable and will inform you as soon as decisions are made.  Preliminary discussions with contractors and our structural engineer indicate it will take longer than originally planned for the project to be completed in 2015.  The likely start date will be mid April.  Therefore, until the final schedule is determined, the board strongly recommends that you do not book your unit for occupancy from mid April to December 15, 2015.  Once construction begins, the property will have many workers, trucks and materials in motion. 

As in the past, please submit any comments or questions to waileaelua@gmail.com