We will soon be mailing ballots to you for your authorization to include the upgrade elements in the renovation project.  Doing the upgrades during the renovation will be less complicated and expensive than doing them at a later date.



Your Board of Directors continues to work diligently to refine both the scope and details of the Elua renovation and upgrade project.  A critical part of this process is establishing realistic and accurate cost estimates for all proposed phases of the project.  Each approved upgrade element of our intended scope of construction will constitute a small percentage of the total work that must be done.  Remember, there are two parts to this project: 1) repairing the structural integrity of the buildings which has already been approved by the Board and represents the bulk of the cost, and 2) upgrading and updating the exterior of the buildings which requires approval by the owners.  Anticipating the full extent of the existing rot and failing building components is very difficult because we are addressing many concealed problems.


Together with our architect, we are now in the process of preparing the documentation to support our application for the Special Management Area (SMA) permit, required for properties near the shoreline.  Concurrently, our architect is preparing construction documents as required by the County for Building Permits; one set per building, one permit per building.  This permit process is expected to take at least eight months.



Recently two problem areas came to our attention.  Both serve as examples of the problems we intend to address and the need to properly account for such problems when determining the amount of assessment each owner will be required to contribute to correct these common area problems.


One unit experienced water penetration resulting in significant damage to the structure that has allowed mold to grow, and has revealed several defects in original construction which contributed to the problem.  Another unit’s lanai suddenly sagged almost three inches due to rot of the support post and overloading from the weight of an extension to the lanai and trellis overhead. Please see accompanying photos and text for more detail.

Please submit any comments or questions to waileaelua@gmail.com


Brace for column slipped due to vertical stress and dry rot underneath.

Brace for column slipped due to vertical stress and dry rot underneath.

Dry rot where column bolts were anchored.

Dry rot where column bolts were anchored.