There is much going on around Elua and the best news is that the County has advised us that they have found Elua’s original Certificates of Occupancy so that we can occupy the buildings as soon as the final building permit inspections have been completed.  Alerts will continue to be sent to you during construction so that you can be apprised of the progress of the work.


Contrary to a widespread misconception, the doors are not being replaced as part of this project.  This is because according to Elua’s governing documents the doors are considered part of the apartment and, therefore, are the property of the individual apartment owner.  As part of the Elua Renovation Project we will be painting the entry doors in new colors that coordinate with the new color palette for your building.  A number of owners are planning to remodel and are interested in having a natural wood door, rather than a painted entry door -- much like those shown in the architect’s renderings. 

A committee of non-board members was formed to recommend new door styles for those who would like to purchase a new door (you can keep the one you have if you choose).  The committee considered numerous styles and manufacturers, and made a recommendation of options available on Maui. The result is that four new door styles recommended by that committee have been approved by the Board of Directors.  Thank you to the committee members: Steve Giardina, David Parr, Tom Givens, Laurie Wood-Gundlach and Carl Calkins.

The approved doors are Simpson doors in style #’s 2010, 2060, 7132 & 7134.  These can be purchased in a paint grade door for those who wish to paint their door or in Sapele wood which would be finished with a natural stain.  The Sapele wood looks very similar to African Mahogany, but is more readily available.  Photo renderings of the various door styles are attached at the end of this message.  Please remember, your existing entry door will be painted during the construction and you are not required to install a new door.  A new door is strictly an individual owner option which would be at owner expense since doors are legally a part of the apartment.


As a reminder, the front door sidelight grilles will be replaced by either a teak grid or teak palm design previously described in Alert #13. Owners have the option of selecting either of these designs. The option of having no sidelight grill is also acceptable. We have received several questions about the sidelight grilles, particularly about the potential fading of unpainted teak from sun exposure.  Before the palm or grid sidelight grilles are installed we will apply teak oil to them to preserve the color.  The ongoing maintenance will be handled by the Elua staff who will re-apply the wood sealer once a year or as needed.


Throughout the 37 years of Elua the buildings have been painted the same colors -- Elua Beige and Manor Brown. All of the architects consulted about updating Elua have suggested using a new set of colors -- colors that don’t look like the 1970’s.  The architects suggested using three paint palettes to add more variety to the buildings, which currently all blend together.  We employed a local designer to guide us in selecting paint colors for the buildings that reflect the colors of Maui sand, rocks and earth.

The paint palettes will employ one color on the upper half of the building and a slightly deeper color on the lower half with a unifying belly band through the middle that will hide the expansion seam that is noticeable around the middle of the buildings.  All of the belly bands on all of the buildings will be Brainstorm Bronze.  The wall colors are: Palette A -- Burlap with Dapper Tan (upper/lower), Palette B -- Camelback with Cardboard and Palette C -- Latte with Hopsack.  All of these colors are Sherwin Williams Super Paints.  Owners who have visited in the past several months have been able to view the three palettes that have been applied to three walls of building 20 and the palettes were modified to reflect that feedback. The final color selections have received positive comments from most who have seen them actually applied to building 20.


When Elua was first built, wooden boxes were installed outside the front doors.  These were for your shoes so that you could leave them outside prior to entering the condo.  Over the years many owners have removed them and had the wall behind the shoeboxes stuccoed and painted to match the exterior wall.  With the upcoming renovation project we will be removing the few remaining shoe boxes in order to stucco the wall and paint it in the new color palette.  It was determined that removal was the best choice for these boxes as so many of them have deteriorated and some are havens for termites.


Elua Board of Directors