The Elua Renovation Project - ERP - has been separated into two phases as mentioned in the August edition of the Elua News.  The contractor selected for the Project, John Dobrovich, determined that there are a number of tasks that can be completed prior to the April 15, 2015 start date that will not create major disruption for either owners or guests in residence. 

PHASE ONE - 2014

Phase One began on September 2, following the Labor Day holiday.  During John’s earlier inspection of the Elua buildings, he discovered dry rot in some of the boards supporting the wooden steps.  These must be replaced since these supporting boards attach the staircase to the exterior wall.  In some cases the staircase steps have already been replaced with ipe and, in other cases, ipe stairs and rails still need to be installed.  We want to ensure that the supporting wood frame for these stairs are all safe and sturdy.  In most cases where the supporting wood has shown dry rot the stairs are attached to exterior walls that have wood cladding.  The work in Phase One will address the rotten boards and removal of the wood cladding.  The framework of the stairs will be replaced and the walls with wood cladding will have insulation installed, will be covered with plywood, and the plywood will be painted to match the exterior walls. Stucco will be applied next year during Phase Two of the project.

All of the work that will be done in Phase One is repair work and was planned as part of the overall project and will be done with a small crew moving through the property as vacancies permit so that minimal disturbance to guest or owner occupancy is anticipated.   Doing the work now will accelerate the pace of stucco conversion and stair rot repair, shortening the time a condo must be unoccupied during Phase Two and contribute to completing the project on schedule.


Hi KM & LW,

I just wanted to make note of the work we are doing presently to the stairs and bridge at building #1.  The stairs, landing and upper bridge framing are totally rotten.  We are taking pictures and will document all.  I mention this as this was never in our original scope of work.  However, it is a good thing Lawrence put this on our list as the bridge was dangerously in need of repair.  If the upper area had a large group of people maybe 8-10 in may have collapsed  The photos will confirm my concerns.  The damage was not visible totally, It wasn't until we tore into it did we discover the real damage.



PHASE ONE - 2015

Our contractor has planned that the work described above will be completed during the quieter months of September to mid- December, 2014.  There will not be any work during the Christmas holiday season that generally runs from mid-December until the first part of January.  Work will resume in as quiet a mode as possible from January to mid-April.  There are several tasks that can be accomplished on the exteriors that will minimally impact tenants, with no closures required.  The list of tasks might include replacement of the electrical and maid’s closet doors, installing new light fixtures on stairwells and entry areas and replacing trellises that are on the top of stairways and over some entry doors.


The Board of Directors is very pleased that the first installment of the Special Assessment was received in a timely manner from all but three owners.  All three are expected to be paid, subject to appropriate late fees.  There were several owners who asked for the invoices for the next assessment to come out 45 days in advance to allow additional time for accessing funds.  We will have 40% of the Special Assessment on hand following the second payment, due October 1, 2014.  We will be ordering materials for the construction during the last quarter of 2014.  We need to allow 10-12 weeks for wood and other supplies to be shipped to Maui.  By ordering in 2014, we intend to avoid the price increases that traditionally occur in January and ensure that the materials will be on property for the start of the project on April 15, 2015.


Everybody wants to know how the work will proceed through the property starting next April and this is the task that our contractor, Kevin Murphy (ERP chairperson) and our GM, Lawrence Wilson, will address now that our contractor has been selected and the contract approved.  The schedule is expected to be firmed up over the next several weeks and we will send it out to all owners as soon as it is finalized.  As indicated earlier, the sequence will start with Buildings 9, 10 & 11, then 12 & 13, then 14 -17 and 18-19, 20-25 and then 1-5.  Also, there will be a separate team of workers with special equipment to work on buildings 7, 8, 15 and 21.  These are the buildings that have garages and they have different structural issues than the other building designs.


Our architectural firm has been working through the last several months preparing the full construction drawings for the buildings and is on schedule to finish in November, 2014. Our Permit Expediter has been working with Maui County and it is expected that all of our Building Permits will be issued in time for our April 2015 commencement of construction.  Remember that this is renovation work and, while we have tried to plan for delays or complications, we are working towards the goal of completion of this project by December 15, 2015.  While the Board approved the needed repairs and the owners voted in favor of the enhancements, we regret to inform you that two owners have expressed their dissent through attorney letters. The potential impact of these two complaints on the schedule and cost of the project is unknown at this time. 

The Board welcomes your input and will give careful attention to your questions and concerns.  Please send them to in order to reach all of the Board Members.  If you are on property or prefer to call the office, Lawrence is your best resource with ERP questions.