Wailea Elua Lanai Railing Survey

 Owners’ Choice: Glass Panels or Metal Pickets?

As we move forward with the Elua Renovation Project, the Directors need to know the preference of owners regarding the type of railings to be installed on their primary lanais.

Our architects strongly recommend glass railings to modernize the look at Elua.  Because some owners still prefer the vertical metal pickets, that choice is available for those owners.  For owners who prefer glass railings, that option is available.  The vendor has quoted the same price for either option.

In earlier renderings, a frameless glass railing was considered.  After further investigation, the attachment system for this style of railing would add additional cost for owners selecting the glass railing and would make future conversion from metal pickets to glass railings very costly.  So this style of glass is no longer being considered.  The metal-framed glass railings will use the same vertical posts as the new metal railings.

Common to both types of railings

The style of cap rail we use now will be used in the new rails, whether metal pickets or glass is selected.

The bottom rail, whether pickets or glass panels, will be held about 3 1/2” above the lanai deck.

All metal parts will be the same material and color as our current railings, which is an anodized aluminum finish with a dark bronze color.

All railings will be mounted to the fascia of the lanai as they are now, and the attachment hardware will then be covered by a decorative fascia.

Metal Pickets

The new metal railings must meet today’s building codes, which require 4” spacing between the vertical pickets.  Our current pickets are set 5” apart. This will result in 25% more pickets across the width of your view (14 pickets per 5 feet of rail instead of the current 11 pickets.)

Glass Panels - Metal-framed 1/4” glass

  • Same frame style as metal pickets with glass panels  replacing the vertical metal pickets, and with a metal cap rail on top.
  • Vertical posts at 52”intervals
  • Glass panels will be held about 2” away from the vertical posts
  • Attachment style is similar to the metal picket system
  • This style has the same cost as metal pickets. 

Wailea Elua Railing Survey

Please complete the following survey and return it no later than August 29, 2014, by mail, fax to (808-879-7863) or email to WaileaElua@gmail.com You can also fill out the survey online by clicking here.