ALERT # 17

The Elua Renovation Project (ERP) has been underway for 9 weeks and we have some photos so you can see the amazing difference once the carpentry and railings have been installed.

 First, lets take a look at what the work has uncovered:

 This photo was taken at the lanai of 801.  It shows the rusted bracket holding the post that supports the main beam and weight of the trellis above the lanais of 801 and 802.  The post is nearly hollow at this bracket.  Our renovation timing is nearly perfect.  It is likely to fail very soon.  Fortunately, because of the ERP, were taking it down before that happens.

Alert 17 pic 1.jpg

Below, the soffit material from the lower lanai has been removed and shows the plywood has rotted away and you are looking at the mortar for the upper lanai pavers.  There is no waterproofing in evidence as we’ve seen repeatedly under the original lanai pavers.  It will be necessary for all lanais with original pavers, as well as those without waterproofing material under the tile, to install new tile with appropriate waterproofing

Now, well show you some of the results of the work:

Apartment 902 (above) had a large bougainvillea growing alongside that has been cut back.  A new trellis has been installed on top and the wood walls on the exterior replaced with stucco that looks like it has always been there.  The new railings will be installed next.  When the work is done, Ruben and his crew will begin the job of re-planting the plants they carefully removed and stored in pots.

Apartments 908 and 910 (above) have had new soffits installed, all wood replaced and the new railings added with the mounting hardware hidden by the new fascia.  You can see how clean and updated it all looks.

ERP Committee Chair Kevin Murphy, General Manager and Project Manager Lawrence Wilson and general contractor John Dobrovich have been doing an outstanding job coordinating this very difficult project and dealing with the many unexpected issues which have been discovered as the buildings are opened up.  To date the project is running on schedule and within our budget.  Our thanks and appreciation to them for their efforts.  Please send any comments or questions to