After many months of hard work and planning, Phase 2 of our Elua Renovation Project is finally getting underway beginning April 13, 2015.  Over the past several months Elua has been a very busy place with Phase 1 pre-construction work and materiel deliveries.  Our contractor’s headquarters has been installed on the south end of the paddleball court.  The remainder of the court has been used by our painting crew for the preparation and painting of wood for trellises and the new utility doors for the electrical and storage closets.

As the activity level within Elua has increased, so has the excitement that comes with seeing that much needed changes are being made. While major construction will be occurring only in the first Section initially, there will still be much construction activity throughout the entire property.  As a consequence, anyone who arrives in Elua between mid-April and December 18, 2015 should have already been made aware of this fact, given the Board’s prior Alerts, as well as notification previously received from Elua owners, rental companies and Elua staff.


The Elua Renovation Schedule – Phase 2, which was first published in October 2014, has been revised by the addition of the *Alert 15 Note at the bottom of the Schedule and the revised Schedule is attached to this Alert as a reminder to all of the estimated Phase 2 construction schedule.  The goal of our contractor is to work through the property as indicated on the accompanying Schedule.  However, as a result of the significant amount of work completed during Phase 1 and the experience and insights gained in that process over the last few months, our contractor has now identified that it may be possible to work through the property at a slightly faster schedule, which might lead to earlier shut down dates for certain buildings in Elua over the course of the entire construction process.   Our contractor tells us that he should have a better idea of the speed at which the work will proceed after the first six to eight weeks of Phase 2 construction.  As soon as the Board has a more definitive time table for any changes in the attached Renovation Schedule, further Alerts will be promptly issued.  However, given the uncertainties inherent in any construction schedule, it is important to recognize that owner/guest/renter occupancy dates on the front end of the Renovation Schedule, as well as re-occupancy dates at the back end of the Renovation Schedule, are estimates only and may vary depending upon the course of construction.  As a result, please be as conservative as possible in booking occupancy in your units during the term of this project.


All of the workers and subcontractors on the property for the ERP have been given ID tags so that Elua security knows at all times who is on property.  Maps of the property are being provided so that arrivals are informed of which parts of the property are under construction.  At all times when on property we ask your cooperation to confine your questions or comments only to Elua staff: Lawrence, Kyle or, after work hours, security staff.  It is extremely important to not interfere with the workers themselves as this could impede the timely completion of the project.

Thank you for your continued cooperation, patience and understanding.  Please address any questions or comments you may have to


We have created the estimated construction schedule for the Elua remodel from April 13th through December 18, 2015.

Section #1 Buildings #9 and 10 then to #11-12 followed by #13.

  • Shut down – 04/13/15 *Opens up - 07/24/15

Section #1.1

  • Building #7 only.  *Shut down - 05/01/15 *Opens up – 07/24/15

Section #1.2

  • Building #8 only.  *Shuts down - 06/01/15 *Opens up - 09/18/15

Section #2 Building #14, #17, #19, #18, #24-25 and #16

  • Shuts down – 06/09/15 *Opens up – 09/21/15

Section #2.1

  • Building #15 only.  *Shuts down – 07/11/15 *Opens up – 10/20/15

Section #3 Building #23, #22, #20, and #21

  • Shuts down – 07/25/15 *Opens up – 11/17/15

Section #4 Buildings #1, #2, #3 and #4

  • Shuts down – 08/29/15 *Opens up – 12/18/15





  • Buildings are grouped according to allocation of workers and the zone of disruption.  That is, work going on in each zone impacts access to its companion buildings by road, pathways, garden, and noise.  We cannot accurately anticipate the sense of disturbance that anyone, owner or tenant, will tolerate regardless how far removed they may be from the work.
  • Buildings 7, 8, 15 and 21 are special structures, to which a special team will be assigned.  The first three of these are scheduled separately as shown above.  By the time the project moves to Section 4, Building 21 can be worked on concurrently since work in that zone does not directly impede access to another zone.  Work on buildings 7, 8, and 15 will impact access to other zones of work.
  • Alert #15 Note:  With the exception of the Section 1 shut down date of 4/13/15, all other shut down dates, as well as re-occupancy dates, are estimates only, with possible accelerated shut down dates for certain buildings and/or delayed re-occupancy dates for certain buildings different from the dates shown.